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Sunday, August 3, 2014

power walking tips .

felecia187 power walking can be done anywhere anytime so it is easy to make the time to do this because we all walk , now how to POWER WALK  , keep your elbow at 90 degrees and swing back with your elbow as hard as you can and swing your arm forward until your hand is at eye level , keep your arm relaxed as much as possible don't make a fist relax the hand , but pump the arms good , you will know when your arms are pumping really great because you will fill it in your abs , so keep your chin up ,you will also need to pull in your abs this will stop your back from hurting later , keep your shoulder back be proud of the great things you are doing for your health , now the legs flex your shin so you feel your toes coming up toward them , now remember speed means more calories burned so the fast you go the more you burn calories , always keep one foot on the ground heal toe heal toe , you are not running you are power walking as fast as you can but keep your form , so you work the right muscles , this will help to make it easier to do the more you do it set a goal on how far you want to go , or make it a time goal , either way make a goal and stick to it , then the next time you POWER WALK  you do a little more or a lot more , listen to some tunes , this will help you to do better , POWER WALK  some place nice like a park or a nice street that makes you feel content in what you are doing , to keep this up you have to learn to make it a habit and one way to do that is to make it enjoyable , enjoy .

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