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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Robin Williams .

felecia187 Robin Williams death is the only story on the internet that hits home , it is amazing how one man can bring so many people together to celebrate the life of a great human being , and man who suffered a horrible illness , that took his life not from his family but from the world , when Christopher Reeves was paralyzed  from the neck down Robin Williams was rumored to come to the financial  aid of his long time room mate , he gave and he gave , one thing about this illness is that you have to learn to fill your own cup also , because this is what happens when it gets empty , mental illness is not an illness to be taken lightly and Robin Williams even in death is also helping people learn about the illness that took his life { tears running down my face } there are not many men that can have such an affect on the world like Robin Williams , he had people who could help him and knew about his illness , and they knew the signs , he fought this mental illness like a hero , and he gave money to people to improve there lives , this bigger then life of a human being may be gone from our world but the person who he was will life in our hearts for ever , everyone could learn something from this man , that having money was not wealth but making other peoples lives better was a way to make yourself wealthy , he died a man and a great one at that , he made us laugh and he made us cry just as much , but he became a great man for us all to remember , and we can still enjoy his laughter , the skit on golf that he did comes to mind , very few men have something to leave behind , and in closing he may be able to help even you in death , we could all learn to give and be happy , enjoy .

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