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Monday, August 18, 2014

Ryan Malone arrested april 11,2014 .

 felecia187 so Ryan Malone get pulled over in Florida for what the police thought was drunk driving , but in his back seat in his back pack the police found 1.3 grams of cocaine , Ryan wavered his rights and informed the police he had no idea where it came from he also stated that he did not believe the officer planted the drug , now this is not a rich mans thing cocaine is for poor people also and any one who uses drugs supports your cities crime which cost tax payers more money for more police is the drug dose not kill you and it will then the people who sold it to kill people , and round and round we go now i don't know if he gave a blood sample or not this would of shown that he did or did not have cocaine in his system if there were no drugs in his system then someone planted it there , so if Ryan is clean then he better start to pick better friends , because it may have been one of his so called friends that planted the cocaine in the back pack  enjoy .

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