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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Star Trek and eating BUGS .

felecia187 so just when you thought you heard it all , my last post looked at the similarities of Chinese food and Star Trek Klingon's diet . this one looks at the fact that some people eat live food that would gross us out , take Korea where they eat live beetles and they have supermarkets full of different kinds of dead and live bugs to eat , or how about cheese where maggots are live in the cheese that has been banned for people to eat , well just because it is banned dose not mean they don't still make it and eat it , these foods from all over the world would scare us to visit there countries but may have given rise to the Klingon culture on Star Trek , they even published a dictionary about the Klingon language , some of the ideas of Star Trek which were not around when the first show was made are all around us today , sliding doors at the store , cell phones , which were there communicators they even made a documentary about how Star Trek influenced how the world inventions have evolved , these food choices are normal for the people that live there but would make most of the world scrindge they are now producing bug flour for making bread to help feed the masses because it takes less feed to make bugs grow then it takes to grow a cow , is this the way of the future ? another Star Trek idea coming to light , maybe , enjoy .

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