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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

tai chi benefits .

felecia187 this is an ancient art form that goes way way back in china , this is easy to learn , one of the things people feel about this is that it is a way to learn to beat people up , well there wrong this is a defensive martial art it dose not teach anyone to beat people up , but here is what it dose do , there are 124 moves that you put your body throw each day about 20 minutes , it is real easy to learn and do , when it is done right you will learn to have better balance , calmer inner self , better muscles this is great exercise for young and very old people , this is one thing that will help you to live a fuller life , you learn how to move your body properly , feed your mind , and deal with every thing that life throws at you , this will help older people to keep there balance so no more falls and broken hips , you can learn this on the internet or find an expert that will teach you the proper moves and give you a better state of mind , enjoy .

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