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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

to my followers .answers to your questions .

felecia187  so you people who are following me let me say thank you for you reading my blog , it means a lot to me , now some of you have asked how to get a hold of my well my e-mail to write me is   ( ) , some of you want to co-host a blog with me , the rules for this are you come to me and i buy lunch , we will write the blog after lunch together , and i am open to ideas so i am easy going we may learn from each other , i can meet you any where in Calgary , Edmonton , Red Deer , lethbridge Alberta Canada and any place in between what i just mentioned , some of you are having troubles seeing my blog properly well solution is change your search engine there are many to chose from mine has a fox in it hint , this one works really well with my old computer , i love the fact that you people leave comments and i do read everyone so i might post more in answer to your questions , enjoy and thank you again for reading . 

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