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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

too my followers .free web blog hosting .

donations so some of my readers want to know how much this blog cost me , NOTHING  in fact i make money on this blog using adsense , this is part of Google , now how to set it up you will need a e-mail account and it can not be a G-mail account , go threw all the items on your side bar to learn how to use the account you place your add code as follows on your main page that pops up you will see how many views you are getting click on the number of views , you then will go into your stats page you will click on the button on the left column at the bottom which say settings , then you will go into your setting page and the info you must fill out , on the left hand side column you will click on the button other , then you will go into the post feed footer you do not have to place it in the HTML, you will place your ad code into the post feed footer , it is that easy , you must set up an adsense account in order to make money at this even though your is free totally no up grades nothing to buy really all in one , you must follow the rules of your blogger account and you must make enough views to get accepted for your adsense account , there are about two million adsense bloggers world wide you need to work at it or you will get no views not enough views and no add sense just the way it is , enjoy .

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