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Monday, August 4, 2014

waist size and your health .

felecia187 so your pants are too small , or to big , well if your waist line is under 40 inches then don't worry about it if you are a man , your waist line should always be smaller then your hips , when you carry too much weight around your waist you clog up all the things that help your body to stay healthy , most people carry 10 to 15 pounds extra in there colon , one reason some people are fat is because there colon dose not have enough flora in it to make it work properly , if your legs are thin and your tummy is huge chances are you have to much in your colon , so get some probiotics and see if you will start losing the weight around your tummy , get the ones that give you more flora  so it will fix the problem , you will go to the bathroom a lot until your intestines are working properly , and eating healthier is always a good way to keep it off , enjoy .

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