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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

weird Chinese eating , and Star Trek .

felecia187 Star Trek and Chinese food yes the similarities are weird enough , so this came to me because of the Klingon's and the live food they ate on the show Star Trek , now the Chinese eat weird foods and yes like the Klingon's there food is live also like live octopus these ones have been known to get stuck in your throat because of the suckers on the arms of the octopus , have you ever watched a video on how to prepare squid where it gets cut up and served to you live where the tenticals are still moving , some of there food would make you scared to eat there , live goldfish , wiggle on the way down , they eat there foods fresh and i mean FRESH  , but so do the Klingon's , maybe the Chinese eating habits inspired the Klingon's to eat there food live also in the Star Trek show , any way enjoy .

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