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Monday, September 8, 2014

2014 fastest two seat sports car what is it ?

felecia187 this car dose 270.49 mph it is the fastest two seat sports car in production in the world , i got winded just writing that one . it goes 0 to 200 mph in 90 seconds , that alone will keep you in your seat , this car also comes with 2.5 million dollar USA price tag , and no the tires did not melt so what is this beast of speed called , HENNESSEY VENOM GT it's name gives a whole new meaning to the word BIT THIS .what is the gas mileage ,are you kidding if you can afford this car on your salary then would you really care what the mileage is , NOT , about 30 mpg when driven with in the speed limit , there i just ruined someones day for that tid bit , now if you can afford this beast take a professional driving course so you don't trash it in 10 minutes . people buy these cars because there value goes up a lot in a year or two , it will double it's price tag in three years and they only make about 50 of these cars a year , this is one awesome investment , enjoy the ride of your life .

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