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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

conspiracy theory fake cellphone towers .

felecia187 so conspiracy theory or not here we gooooooo . right now in the USA  and maybe even other countries of the world we now have conformation that there are fake cellphone towers , what are they used for , well to listen in on your cellphone calls and text , now who is doing this we don't know right now but conspiracy theorist will have a field day with this , is it another country ? our own government ? or aliens ? OK the last one is mine just putting it out there , now a certain cellphone if you can get a hold of the cryptophone 500 then this phone will protect your information getting into the wrong hands , and it will also tell you where these fake towers are , they tell you by going from 4G to 2G so who is listening to your calls and should you be concerned ha ha , enjoy .

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