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Friday, September 5, 2014

Jenniger Lawrence nude photos hacked .

donations Jennifer Lawrence nude photos have been hacked , OK bull , apple said her phone was not hacked , and that the person who hacked them got them another way , lets get real here this is nothing more then a publicity stunt to get more press for her career so she can make more money , i can't believe that people are this gullible , this is like Pamela Anderson from Bay Watch where someone broke into her mansion and stole the only copy of her so called sex tape , yeah right and they didn't take any of the cash and jewelry laying around and no evidence of a break in but they got the tape and put it on the internet , people who have a live where more publicity they get the higher the pay check they get , these are nothing more then publicity stunts to further there careers , and the press loves this stuff because they make money on it also , it is like this it is not how famous you are but how famous the one you marry is , this is also a career boost so don't believe the hype on this stuff , if they were great at there craft then they would not have to pull this all the time , the truth may hurt but money talks to these over paid celebrities , enjoy .

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