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Friday, September 5, 2014

Joan Rivers died today at 81 .

felecia187today the great Joan Rivers passed away from complications of throat surgery , she planned her funeral in her will and it will be honored , this women had a career that lasted 50 years , her stand up comedy will be missed by all that loved her for who she was which is the way it should be , she stood alone in the comedy business , and did not belong to any one group of comedy , she made us laugh , and now she makes us cry , this women taught the people who knew her best that when something gets you down you try and find humor in it so others around you can laugh which will help you learn that life is not as bad as it seems , and that we are here to enjoy life that we have been given by the powers that be , and Joan Rivers lived her life the way we all should life ours , [ i did it my way ] OH and she did know Frank Sinatra did my way get it OK i am no where near as funny , she taught us how to see humor in the bad times in life we can learn from that and you know her funeral will be as she wanted it to be [ A BLAST OF A GREAT TIME FOR ALL TO ENJOY ] .

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