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Friday, September 12, 2014

Sean O'haire found dead age 43 .

felecia187so Sean O'haire was found dead he was a wrestling star , he may have killed himself at the age of 43 , now this is not unusual when it comes to people who have been hit in the head in there occupation , some people used to call it punch drunk , he may not be responsible for his own actions because of the brain damage he got from to may hits to the head , and it dose not have to be directly to ones head it could be the shoulders chest neck , as long as the brain gets a jolt , it can cause permanent brain damage look at Ali same thing isn't it amazing how i just write Ali and you know whom i am talking about awesome what Ali has done for the good of this world as an ambasitter for the USA , any way head injury can last for years , so get your kids involved in sports that do not cause brain damage like tennis , golf , fishing , yes you can make a lot of money fishing , remember treat your body with respect and your body will do the same for you , enjoy .

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