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Monday, September 1, 2014

why members of ISSI wear masks to cover there identity .

felecia187so you see all the garbage in the news about what these retards are doing to people over there child molesting GOD how else do you put it , any how i could go on for hours on this subject but i won't this is why ISSI members where masks to hid there identity , when they are done slaughtering people and the USA and other governments of the world are closing in on the Muslim sec they run and hide with there families because they can't be identified for there gene-side they have done to people , this just goes to show you how much cowards they all really are hero in real life don't wear masks , yes i said sec a religion is a believe in a God that wants to help you learn everything , a sec is a believe that involves brain washing think Jones Town now you get the point so these ISSI are not heroes in any way shape or form they are taught the Muslim sec , i could write more but i will do that later if you want to know more about this subject go to the web site HEAVENS GATE you will know when you find the right one , enjoy .

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