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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

why women need to drink more then men ?

felecia187so why do women need more water then men ? turns out that there are factors in women that men do not have , the amount of water will depend on how long you are exercising for , what time of the month is it for you , and how much you drank before you started exercising , women are five times more likely to get dehydrated then men because women need more salt and potassium then men , which are the ideal components to making you body absorb the water that you need to work out with , men not so much , women will also get blotting , gas , cramps , so remember to keep yourself hydrated before and after you work out , have a banana and add a pinch of salt to your water this will help your body to absorb the water you need , to get that work out done right , enjoy .

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