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Monday, October 20, 2014

business phone scam cost billions .

felecia187 talk about being in the red business all over the world are getting ripped off and it is costing billions . here is how it works a company in Africa hacks a business phone line out side Africa and reroutes the business phone to a adult or physic line and sells the phone time to the other line for $0.24 per minute the company that got hacked owes for the calls the hackers made , the hackers pay nothing for the phone time but make big profits selling it to the buyer . $0.24 dose not sound like much but when you see that the company phone was being ripped off for 222 minutes each minute one minute would make the hacker $53.28 per minute and they hack the phone line all weekend so for a period of 24 hours that would be $76,723.20 per day . well that is the bad news now for the good news to prevent this from happening you can do this get a phone provider that has a system set up to deal with this , then you don't pay when it happens to you because the provider has safety checks in place to prevent it from happening to your company . the other thing you can do is don't use internet phone lines for your company , that is why they are called hackers . God bless .

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