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Thursday, October 9, 2014

buying a new car ask yourself these quetions .

felecia187so you want a new car and you don't know what kind make or model so ask yourself these quetions .
what am i using it for the most .
what kind of mileage do i want .
how reliable is it .
so i need all the extras .
red cars cost more . just a fact .
do i want a car , truck , van , rv , jeep .
all wheel drive , front wheel drive , 4x4 .
how much do i want to spend and how much can i afford .
am i the only one driving it .
will the other person like it also .
do i want a used car or a new one .
what dose it cost to fix this car over that one because out of country cars cost more for parts .
do i know an honest mechanic .
what safety features dose it have .
so make a list of what you want in a car then go on line and see which make model will suit your needs and don't believe a car sales person they are all lies read the contract before you sign , and know what it says and what it means don't take the sales persons word for it . if it is not in the contract then you didn't get it . 
God bless . 

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