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Sunday, October 12, 2014

EBOLA is going everywhere .

felecia187 this is stupid they had the chance to stop this virus from killing even more people now it is in the USA and will start going world wide soon , the reason this is spreading has nothing to do with health care workers but more to do with politics that's right you heard me politics . they should of shut the country down when it first came out but no then someone would lose money . that's right the mighty dollar is to blame for this one and now it is spreading to the rest of the world , which is going to cost tax payers more money  world wide then it would have to put one country in lock down to prevent the spread , so are you safe , NO this is a told joke , that money is the reason this is spreading so fast , now even the health care workers are contracting this virus , that alone should tell you how prepared we really are , this virus can only spread with direct contact , or is there something they don't want you to know . the more people that get infected the bigger the chance that it will evolve  , like go air born so even a cough or a sneeze will give it to you , do you feel safe now because the people in America that that have caught it didn't think that they would get it either but they did and they are experts in health care , this virus can take 21 days before we know people have it so what is being done to stop it from spreading , not much or it would not be in the USA right now . time to run for cover before you get it . God bless .  

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