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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Food of the Gods . duckweed .

felecia187 duckweed , when disaster strikes you need a food source put duckweed into the nearest pond lake slow moving river any where , there are fish and this food source will double in size every 48 hours as long as the fish are not eating it .you then wash it off like lettuce and you can eat it fresh or use it in a stir fry or salad or make soup with it . 
           Label 100gr
89 calories
potassium       8%
carbs               4%
diet fiber        31%
protein           16%
 you can live off this stuff and it reproduces itself so you don't have to keep adding seeds no work needed to grow this stuff you can grow it on top of your fish tank . all you have to do with aquponics is harvest it and you can use it as fish food this is the greatest food for aquponics no fish food to buy no up keep no work this could be the lazy persons food , God Bless .

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