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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

hover board from back to the future really works .Marty Mcfly .

felecia187 the hover board from Back to the Future has been made yes you did hear me right . the board has been made by Arx Pax they are now on line raising money to mass produce the hover board it is suppose to be ready for sale in 2015 it is a magnetic board that hovers over a sheet of copper . the one they have now can run for 7 minutes , and weighs 100 lbs . they are developing one that will weight a lot less and have more battery life . the cost to have your own hover board is $10,000 this would be awesome for someone to start their own business with you could charge $20 for 10 minutes and people would be lined up for blocks just to ride the back to the future hover board . contact them and get your business ready for 2015 . God bless .

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