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Friday, October 24, 2014

how Warren Buffett ripped of the world .

felecia187 i will try to make this as simple as possible . world recession time OK here is how it works Germany stock market Buffett has billions in it so lets say he has 5 billion in the German stock market he then takes 2 billion out of the German stock market the German stock market crashes all stock becomes worthless by the way this really did happen the German stock market did hit zero , any how so he put one billion back into the German stock market and his shares go up 20 billion dollars he just make a 15 billion dollar profit in one day , this is how the stock markets of the world really work , and this is why we have invisible money , invisible money has nothing to back it up not gold real estate it is all on paper . so for you people who know how this works it will not help you in the end because one day all this will have no value . God bless . 

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