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Monday, October 27, 2014

religious wars and how to stop them .

felecia187 this is easy OK if we don't stop these religious wars the government you elected will take your freedom . the more security the government has the less security you have . listen to the expert that stopped a terrorist attack in Canada he knows what he is talking about we don't need more security we need less . OK my idea is this we get all religions together like a conference in say Calgary Alberta Canada , this is where it starts , meeting after meeting twice a year , this will be the start of a plan to have all religions make a code of ethics that all religions will abide by , this would be the start of bringing  religions together and not tearing them apart , this has to be . example would be this , murder would be written in the code of conduct and it will not be excepted in any religion for any reason , hatred of another religion will not be taught or spoken of against any other religion when the code of conduct has been reached by all religions then the next step can start to take place . the end result would be for all religions to become one and only one religion no more my God is better then your God . at the conference you will have experts like the man i have mentioned . physiologist so we can find the reason why radicals become radicals and start learning how to stop this behavior from happening , the code of conduct will be taught with an iron fist so to speak no murder means no murder , if we value our freedom then we need to do this to stop the government from taking our freedom . God bless       

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