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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

the Pope and my view .

felecia187 so the Pope like the idiots before him is saying things that are not in the church doctrine , it is like the Popes are try so hard to destroy the church , but the people who make the laws in the church are not letting them , this is good news for now that the Pope can not change doctrine like he would like to , so why have this Pople and the last one been members of Hitlers SS . and how would they get elected as Pope , and why are they not being tried for war crimes instead of making them head of the church , the Pope and those that follow him into the next Pope are going to have to learn the teaching of the bible and stuff their opinion up there well you know what . the Pope is suppose to follow the doctrine and support it not give his demonic opinion on things he really knows nothing about . rule of thumb God said it i believe it you better to . the Pope is suppose to be the head of the church not the antichrist . you people have the power to put the Pope in his place and this should start now and for every Pope that comes after should have to abide by a rule of ethics . not say something to get more press . God bless .

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