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Friday, October 24, 2014

Wall street September 20 1920 .terrorist attack .

felecia187 the day is Sepetember 20 , 1920 and it is 12:01 pm a wagon with a horse is pulling 500 pounds of tnt and it is lased with metal rods , when it goes of over 143 people are hit and 30 are dead at the scene 8 more die in hospital JP Morgans bank takes a lot of the blow and to this day has the prove all over there outside wall , they refused to fix the damage for good reason the people who may have done it are the anarchrist the person who may have done it fled the country and never returned no extradition laws for that country where in place in 1920 this was the second terrorist attack on USA soil . like i keep saying history keeps repeating itself . God bless .

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