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Saturday, November 1, 2014

killer breast implants and death .

felecia187 so you want to get breast implants for what ever reason then you need to know this 50 % of all women that get breast implants try and kill them selves after they get them . this is because it will not change who you are and other guys will treat you different because of the breast implants and you may end up not liking the fact that you may become eye candy to men , i on the other hand have been attracted to women who have large breast and ones who have had small breast , who they are inside is why i was attracted to them so i am not the norm so before you do this stupid implant thing know who you are first because who you are dose not come with bigger boobs , you will still be the same person in side , if you know who you are then you do not need the implants you need a guy that loves you for you . God bless .

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