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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

church code of conduct .

felecia187 so with the murder of some idiots that love to kill because of their religion we have to move toward a one world religion , now to start this we as a people make a code of conduct that is for all religion on the planet . we start by getting different religions to have a convention on a code of conduct that all religions must follow . for example a code would be that thou shall not kill there will be no alternative to this code of conduct so you can't say that you can kill under some laws it mean thou shall not kill period , now the church will have to follow this law in order to be classified as a church , another code as an example would be that no religion will be allowed to bad mouth another religion , now what really goes into the code of conduct will be up to all the churches of the world to agree on my examples are just examples , another thing we can do is have two heads of different churches give a sermon on a agreed on subject that they will give to the other church say twice a year and both heads of there churches will introduce their people to each others churches , we need to get the ball rolling on this to stop the murder of Gods people . God Bless .

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