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Sunday, November 16, 2014

drive-in move not dead .

felecia187just when you thought the drive in move was dead here is where it is still big business . in Alberta Canada they have a portable one that travels Alberta , here are some more fixed places to get your drive in move fix .
 66 drive-in  , Carthage , Missouri .USA .
 Cherry Bowl drive-in theater & diner Honor Michigan USA .
 Hullis drive-in theater Lexington Virginia USA .
 Moonlight theater Abingdon Virginia USA .
 Spud drive-in theater Driggs Idaho USA.
 Wellfleet drive-in theater Wellfleet Massachusetts USA .
Wilderness outdoor movie theater Trenton Georgia USA .
Bengies drive-in movie theater Montclair California USA .
Redwood drive-in movie theater West Valley City Utah USA .
Cumberland drive-in movie theater Newville Penngylvania USA 
you can check out the web and find even more drive-ins even some that may be close to you . God bless .

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