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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

get the best gas millage .

felecia187we call them hyper millage drivers , but the truth be told , they give you pointers on how to get better millage write books they sell to idiots , all their rules come down to one thing and one thing only RPM that is right you want the best millage keep your car at 1500 RPM and you can more then double your millage , this works best when you have an RPM gauge and you are driving a standered you put it into the highest gear and keep it at 1500 RPM it is that simple , yes you will drive slower but some cars can hit 50 mph most will do about 40 mph and that is really how they get the great millage some cars will get three times more millage all that is all you need to know about hyper millage . God bless .VTMP.

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