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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

how to rob this bank no problem .

felecia187OMG i went to the bank after they closed with Felecia yes there really is a Felecia and i noticed that when they built the bank they made some bad mistakes . OK this is how you rob this bank you go to your high tech store and get a wireless blocker this will stop the cameras from working so you can get into the bank with out the cameras seeing you , now how to get into the bank you ask , glad you asked first the glass expanding wall they use to separate the ATM from the rest of the bank is so large between the wall space to the right where they put the wall when they are open there is so much room that a small child or monkey can walk around the end of the wall right into the bank , you think that is stupid i am not done yet the doors to the bank have the hinges for the bank doors facing the outside of the bank , i am not kidding you can take the hinges off the bank doors and walk right into the bank , who made this bank ? bank robbers because no one can be that stupid .this bank is in Alberta Canada , these idiots are going to get robbed if they don't fix this , hey maybe i will make a video and upload it to one of my web sites .God bless . 

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