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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

ISS cuts live feed video .

felecia187the International Space Station cut live feeds of the station when what appears to be UFO flying around the ISS . video has been upload to several sites for November 3 2014 , there are a lot of UFO sightings happening this year a lot more then normal if you believe then do you believe these aliens may have something to do with what is going here on earth do they control ISSI are they behind this government conspiracy to strip us of our freedom so that the revelations of the bible king James version can come to pass , what am i saying look up the seven trumpets in revelations , did aliens bring Christ back to life and do they intend on doing so with the ones mentioned for the seventh trumpet . it would be like this if you could go back in time with a bic lighter and flick your bic to a caveman then the caveman would consider you there God , so lets say the aliens bring back to life the two mentioned in the seventh trumpet , and they would make people believe that the aliens are now your Gods , make sense now , when you have the power to bring the dead back to life you have the power to make Gods of yourself , when captain kirk and spock were on the planet where they were suppose to be talking to God that wanted the USS enterprise , captain kirk ask [ what dose God need with a space ship ] what do we need with aliens that want to make us believe they are God ? now this is starting to make sense to those of you that have read revelations . My God is not an alien nor will he ever be . if this dose not make sense to you then talk to me i will listen . God bless the real God almighty .

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