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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

oil is crashing .

felecia187 so world oil prices are at a four year low and still going down why ? OK this is good the world is still in a resesion so if oil rises too high then the economy of the world will suffer , so they buy insurance in oil stock that says if oil drops to a lower level then the insurance stock pays a diffidence this means the stock market makes you money even when the price of something falls so if it goes up you make money if it goes down you make money , but the stock markets of the world have no real money it is all invisible money which is creating a coming problem for the world economy take Rome see what invisible money did for them it is not over yet , any how another reason for the low price of oil the Americans are now the second largest producer of oil in the world so stock piles are at the highest point in years , and yet another reason is renewable energy is becoming a force not to be reconded with that's right there is a growing trillion dollar business in green energy which is getting rid of fossil fuels . God bless . 

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