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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

government compensation .

felecia187OK except for the Canadian Indian this will apply to all others and no i don't mean just white people . when the government finally gets around to compensating people for the wrong that the government has done to them most of the people they abused yes i said abused are now dead that's right it takes so long for the government to accept responsibility that most have already died this means the government has to pay out less , case in point . the Chinese were brought here to build the Canadian railway then Canada ripped off there wages to poverty levels then threw them out of Canada when the railway was done . birth defects in children born in the 1950's and 1960's are now going to be compensated this one is happening now because mothers back then took morning sickness pills that deformed their children , not done yet the Philippine people were brought here and given low income jobs so they got screwed now they have to go back home knowing that Canada used them to keep wages down for the rest of Canadians so when do Canadians who wages were lowered get compensated and when do the Philippines get compensated for being used , good luck with this one , OH war vets from www 2 got compensated 10 years ago that's right most are now dead , so less to pay , so how much do Indians get when they get compensated for having their land stolen from them BILLIONS everyone else that the government uses gets one ten of a tenth of a billion so unless your an Indian you get screwed and slapped in the face , so to all the people that the Canadian government has screwed including myself in-conclusion i say welcome to Canada ha ha . enjoy   

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