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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pope and the head of the Muslim ?

felecia187so the Pope and the head of the Muslim church are hanging out together , why you might ask , OK here goes revelations trumpet number six . this is happening right now but it is not in the order it is suppose to be in . the leaders of all churches are now bringing to life a new one world religion , but how can this happen when it has to go in order ? if you skip one trumpet in the order that they are suppose to be in then you stop the other from coming to pass , OK if you go from trumpet three to trumpet six then you have to wait till trumpet four comes to pass , before revelations the other chapters of the bible say that the end times can be stopped BUT what it dose not say is that if you stop the end times from happening then you have to stop them from happening forever . the co-operation of the churches of the world to make a one world religion is not suppose to happen until trumpet number six so what is going on here ?

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