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Monday, January 27, 2014

felecia187 do you need extra money once and a while , of course you do so here is a little trick that i use , i take all my change and put it in to a big jar , i put in my bottle money , change from the day loose change  when i need money i just open the big jar works real well , but first you need to set some rules for this my rules if you don't need it don't open the jar this is simple enough like if i want something then don't open the jar , such as a new CD video game candy these are things you don't need so don't open the jar , if i need medication then do open the jar , if i need gas then do open the jar ,  if you need condoms well your call , you can do things to increase this money in the jar such as stop smoking now instead of buying smokes you can put the money you spent on smokes in the jar you will be amazed at how fast the jar gets more money in it , my ex boss quite smoking and put away over $2,000 in two years and that was when they only cost $3.00 they now cost $12.00 so now you can see how you can get a jar and put money away that you can use for later if you need it , not want it , you know the difference , so  this requires very little effort and gives out big rewards so start today and enjoy 

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