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Monday, January 20, 2014

felecia187 i live in Alberta Canada home of the famous tar sands , the Canadian government want the xl pipeline to be made , this is stupid because of a number of reasons , you will need 900,000 barrels of water to dilute the oil sand per day to ship it to the USA , now where can you get this much water without caucusing yet another problem like draining our lakes , this is a lot of water , no i am not done , now we already ship this shit to the USA to be refined and now the USA is making mounts of the fine carbon sand dust that is left when they are done refining it , they also have there own tar sand nightmare , when you get oil from a oil well you refine it by taking the sand out of the oil , now this is fairly simple , when you get oil for the tar sands you need to get the oil out of the sand this is very expensive , lets do the math , you usually need one barrel of energy to make about two barrels of oil from the oil well 1barrel of energy = two barrels of oil , now to get the tar sands oil you take one barrel of energy =  80% of a barrel of oil , yeah that's right you lose 20% or another way is you spend one dollar to get 80 cents this makes sense how ? i don't know either , there are other ways to make a profit of this shit and you don't have to destroy our land to do it , that is bio fuel this is amazing and the best way to do this , bio fuel can be made from all carbon , yes the oil in the tar sands is 100% carbon based , now let us do the math tar sands now minus 20% on every dollar no profit for anybody , talk about stupid , now lets say they start to use the bio fuel way , this is a proven process and is used around the world to day , lets do the math one barrel of energy = five barrels of bio fuel that is a 5,000 per cent profit , 5,000% PROFIT now why have we voted these dumb asses in to office when they can't do simple math . 5,000% PROFIT or a 20% loss duh , so lets get rid of the shit that was voted in to office and make the tar sands profitable for us Albertan you can tax the tar sands for more then they make now off of it and bank the tax and get it to generate wealth that would be on going far into the future , so get of your ass and get people into office that can balance  a check book , enjoy    

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