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Saturday, January 25, 2014

felecia187 so scientist say that you can't exceed the speed of light , this is interesting because the more into the future we go the more we learn that what we believed may not be true now , still with me , if nothing can go faster then light how would we know , because you can't see anything go faster then light then how will you know what to look for if you may not be able to see what it is you are looking for , confused yet , OK if no one has seen anything that goes faster then light then what are we looking for so we know what to look for , can you find something even if you don't know what it is you are looking for ? no one believed that sunlight had mass and now we know that it dose which is strange because how dose the sun give off more mass every year then it has ? so with mass we are still learning with faster then light what are we looking for to find it is there an equation we could use or a better theory , how about instead of saying nothing can travel faster then light how about we start looking for something that dose ? this is as confusing as time travel because we as people believe that everything has to follow by rules , so in order to find something that travels faster then light then we have to find out what the new rules are to make this possible and then we will find what we should be looking for , maybe it is a whole new substance that we right now know nothing about , so where do we start to look ? put your first foot forward . enjoy    

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