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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

5 foods we eat can make you sick or worse .

felecia187 tomatoes are a fruit get over it , now the tomato itself is not poisons but the vines they grow on are , you will get very ill if you eat the vines .
2 ,potatoes the potatoes skin has been known to make people sick because they have a natural pesticide in them that keeps bugs away , some potatoes plants that grow above the ground also grow berries don't eat them worse then the skin of a potatoes .
3 cashew shells have the same poison as poison ivy .
4 , almonds have poison in them and when you heat them up you kill the poison in them in fact it is against the law in the USA  to sell them unless they have been treated with heat first .
5, the puffer fish has enough poison to kill 30 people , but people will still eat them and yes once in a while someone will die from eating a puffer fish , but they still eat them .
 now the truth be told if you have an allergy to some kinds of foods you can in fact die from eating them , even smelling them can cause you to have a sever reactions , i know this all to well , so  , enjoy . 

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