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Friday, March 14, 2014

beer controversy in Boise Idaho March 13 ,2014

felecia187 so a fan in Boise finds out that the small beer is in a fat cup , but it is suppose to hole 16 oz , so he takes the beer in the small cup and pours it into the large cup which is thin and tall , he discovers that they both hold the same amount of beer which means the small is 16 oz and the large also holds 16 oz so the fans are now suing the stadium , wait i got more , did some checking and in June 8 , 2011 this also happened at the Sea Hawks stadium also , now let us put two and two together and if you go to a stadium why don't you buy two beer the large one and the small one and see if they are both 16 oz because i think a lot of people are getting ripped off at sporting events in the USA the ticket price alone should tell you something , by the way the small one cost $ 4.00 and the large one cost $7.00 three dollar difference for the same beer , enjoy .   

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