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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

designer purses how to tell if they are fake .

felecia187 how to tell if your designer purse is a fake , if it comes from the Philippines , it is a fake , because the Philippines is one of the largest black markets on the planet , if yours came with leather on it and the leather dose not change color over a period of time then it is a fake , you will not see a designer purse with stitching going over there logo , there zippers are made of real brass so they will not chip or flake off , now if your purse passes all these test it still dose not mean that they are real , because they do make really great fakes that will pass these test ,but they will sell them to you for less then a real one but the really good fakes will still cost you hundreds of dollars , if you didn't but it from a reputable dealer then you got ripped off , enjoy .  

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