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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

diamond is it fake ? how to tell.

felecia187 so you have a diamond and want to know if it is fake , here are three simple test you can use to tell if it is a fake . huff on the diamond to fog it up , if it doesn't fog up then it is a diamond because real diamond dispense heat as fast in as it dose going out .
two , get a magnifien glass if you see imperfections in the diamond it probable is real , because fake diamonds have no flause  , now take the diamond find something with very small print on it and but the diamond with the pointy end facing up , you will not be able to read the letters threw a real diamond because a real diamond dispenses light different then a fake diamond , and yet another way would be to get a diamond meter tester , and that is how to tell if your diamond is a fake , enjoy . 

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