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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Elmer McCurdy who is he and why do we care ?

felecia187 who got the money for his performances he was dead since Oct 7 , 1911 , he was a famous train robber not good at it just more famous in death no he is not an artist , he was embalmed when he died with a special formula which made sure he would not decay over the years he was in side shows , traveling road shows , he was in the movie Dwain Esper a 1933 movie his final film was in the Bionic man the episode was called : carnival of spies : #4.17 in 1977 this was to be his final movie , after he would be buried finally at yes you guessed it boot hill , he had two tons of cement cover his casket , to make sure that he wouldn't return to make even more movies no kidding , and you thought  you have heard everything , enjoy .

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