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Monday, March 10, 2014

global warming connected to three mile island accident March 28 ,1979

felecia187 black and green , black for accident and green for the environment , OK here goes it was March 28 , 1979 and three mile island went into melt down  the released numbers are as follows 40,000 gallons of waste water poured into the Susquehanna river , it took over 1 billion dollars and from 1979 to 19 December 1993 to clean up , now this is where it gets weird conspiracy time , there was over 1 .4 billion cubic meters of radioactive steam released into our atmosphere , then around 1980 a new term came into use [ global warming ] no one knew what it was before the melt down in 1979 , but you know now , in 1980 the ozone layer started to thin coincident i think not , it will take 10,000 years for this radioactive water to become save water again yes it is still in the atmosphere today , so is there such a thing as global warming or are we being had , well pollution in any form is not only bad for us but a lot of people confuse pollution with global warming , the farmers have destroyed our ground water with pesticides so this is pollution , if the planet heats up because the moon is moving farther away from us this is global warming , now to say that man is making global warming happen well the truth be told , we do not have enough evidence to say either way , so do cars pollute , or cause global warming no one can prove it is global warming but we can prove it is pollution and really bad for us , so should we clean up our environment of course we should dose everyone care about the environment  no , just drive down any road in any major city in the world and you will see how people throw garbage out there windows to find the answer for your self , so if global warming is real then we have to find out what is causing it and see if we can indeed do something to stop it , but should we stop it ? first find out , weight the facts then decide , if our planet is heating up because of the moon moving away then what do we do , or should we do anything , maybe it is the sun , or maybe we should all move to mars , so many questions so little answers , enjoy 

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