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Saturday, March 22, 2014

God gave a man the recipe to fix potholes and save money $

felecia187 so it is that time of year which potholes are created to make driving your worst fear , you can land in one and total your car , no kidding has happened , repair cost can run into the thousands of dollars $ , tow truck drivers love this time because this is there second busiest time other then winter , which last far to long in this country ,sure you can get your money back from the city but you have to take the city to court which cost time and money , so God gave the recipe , you take ash fault , and mix it with recycled rubber and you heat it to 350 f then you pour it into a hole and pack down , this patch can be done in any weather including winter , you used to have to wait for spring but not no more , it cost  % 30 to % 40 less to make it last 2 to 3 times longer then the old way , which means you can save about an additional % 11 because you don't have to fill in the same pot hole every year , so it is more environmentally  , saves you money , can be used any time of year , last longer , so do the search it is easy to find on line and get your city involved so you can enjoy you summer driving with out the FEAR of the POTHOLE , enjoy .

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