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Monday, March 17, 2014

honey and other preservatives in your food and fat people

felecia187 honey has been found in the pyramids of Egypt , and was very likely could have been eaten when found , this should tell our meatballs who put preservatives in our food that the natural ones are the best ones , but no they put toxic garbage in our food that makes us hungry for more , plastic , food color from motor oil how else do you say it , chemicals  that your cat won't eat , so they can add color , taste , flavor to most of the fast food garbage, we shovel down by the pound , this has created a society that can't cook to save there lives , these hugeness of human flesh that use a drive threw  because they are so fat they can't get out of there car with out help , there guts hang over the top of the steering wheel and they have there seat leaned all the way back , because the fat on there back won't a lough  them to sit up straight in the seat , now ever since they have been putting these preservatives in out food the population of the world has become a whole lot BIGGER , in order to stop this madness we have got to start putting natural preservatives back in out food to make them last longer , honey , salt , and sugar are all good ones that come to mind i could write there preservatives here but you and i know we can't pronounce them properly , honey can last over one thousand years because it never goes bad this should tell people something needs to change , this will make us healthier not fatter , face diets don't work , diet food makes people even more hungry diet drinks make people drink more then is normal , diet drinks make people think they are thirsty when really they need some carbes , the truth about diet drinks is that your brain can not tell the difference , between being hungry or thirsty , and have you ever noticed how much a fat person on a diet can drink , it takes up to two years to get diet drinks out of you system , we should be able to buy foods with ingredients we can read and not have to pay more for the real food then we do for the junk food , the food we need that is healthy for us is always costing us more then the food we don't need , if this were the other way around then people would be a lot thinner , you can't tie you shoes when your fat , you can't wipe your butt when your fat , you can't play out side with your kids when your fat , how come fat people who can't get out of bed always have someone feeding them , do they think they are doing these obese people a favor by feeding them to death , how many surgeries to remove your skin when you go from 1000 lbs to 200 lbs is this really worth the pain when you get that big , instead of putting a gun to your head you fat people are putting food to your gut , think about this the gun is faster and in the end maybe even less painful then years of feeding yourself to death , in order to eat right the truth be told is it starts with you not the people making garbage for you to eat , so eat right for live , eat garbage and feel look and act like garbage , so instead of using excuses start by taking responsibility for your own eating  habits  and learn how to cook great meals at home for you and your family and learn that you eat to live , you don't live to eat and enjoy food they way it was meant to be oh and get off your lazy ass , enjoy 

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