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Friday, March 28, 2014

how to know if stupid people out number smart people in an election .

felecia187 the truth is going to hurt OK , the person in office right now is going to make promises that they are going to make everything better , now stupid people eat this up , now smart people look at it like this , [ why didn't they do all these things when they were in office the first time ] so stupid people just got the idiot reelected , how do you get done what needs to be done well the answer is really simple , if the person that gets elected dose not do the job that needs to be done , then make sure that another party gets elected and make sure they know why they were elected , now if you do this at least twice the third person elected will do what needs to be done , another way to ensure things are done right is make a Manuel that tells the newly elected what they are suppose to do and how to do it , it is like this instead of the people working for the government we get the government to work for us HUGE difference we don't elect anyone anymore we higher someone to do the job and if they don't follow by the Manuel then they get FIRED just as fast ,one of the biggest reasons nothing in the government gets done is this you have the elected government that wants to get the job done BUT , you have the other party that wants to get elected in the next election so the other party make sure that the party in power doesn't get the job done , then when it comes time to vote the other party says that the elected party didn't do the job and that they can , basically while both parties are fighting over what should be done nothing gets done , its like being in power and having ODC , the way the government is made up is STUPID  and it is so simple to fix all we need is the right people to fix this system , then we can stop over spending , over hiring , it is amazing how the city workers have five people to dig one hole you have the engineer who is sitting in the truck doing nothing , you have the backhoe operator digging the hole you have three people standing around talking , and you have one person holding the shovel usually the new guy , with five people on site you have two doing something , so fire the other three , streamline the government , this way you can lower taxes , and instead of the government voting on how much of a raise they get let the people tell them how much we are going to pay them , so if the government dose not do there job then the government dose not get a raise , in the end it is very simple to fix this corruption so you smart people have to start out numbering the stupid people because your vote dose count , an example of this is Alberta Canada health care every party running for office says how they are going to fix the health care system and no one ever dose , the reason it never gets fix is because this problem with the health care system is what is called an election issue , an election issue is something that both parties fight over and nothing ever gets done and we have lots of these issues , enjoy       

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