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Friday, March 7, 2014

how to make money $$$$ off of Justin Bieber legally

felecia187 this is one of the easiest ways to make money of a famous person like Justin Bieber , you can take his photos and videos of his arrest and you can post them to you tube and other up load sites now you don't have to pay for them and they are legally yours mine and everyone else this is because the photo and videos where entered as evidence in court and when anything gets entered into evidence in court it automatically becomes public property this means any one can use it and you don't pay a dime to do so so no one can claim copy rights on court evidence , pretty cool think memorabilia t-shirts cups posters you get the idea , so because Elvis didn't copy right any thing people made millions of his death until his ex wife copy wrote every thing , so think about it Bieber is a freebie so milk it for all you can , Elvis made 4 billion before he died , and they made more then that the year he died , enjoy    

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