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Monday, March 24, 2014

the dark night

felecia187 the dark night no not that one , there is a satellite orbiting earth some say for 10,000 years or more it gives off a signal  that has not been figured out yet , it is the only satellite that orbits the north and south poles all other satellites orbit around the equator , there are many photos of this object on the internet that have been taken by NASA is it a begone , is it alien , where did it come from , what or who made it , how did it get here , why don't we just go and bring it back to earth , very little is known about it Mr.Tesla was one off the first to discover its orbit because of the signal it gives off , you can look it up and see the photos for your self , very little is known about it , would it be good idea to bring it back to earth , why don't we land on it and get the facts before we may do something stupid , or maybe the reason they [ our governments ] have not done anything to find more out about it is that there is something they don't want you to know , enjoy

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