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Monday, March 24, 2014

the truth about car prices and how stupid they really are

felecia187 so i started going threw the paper today , and i am looking at the car adds and it hit me so to speak on how stupid it is to price cars the way they do , now for a little money game it cost about $ 5,000 to make a car , truck , SUV , basically any vehicle cost that little to make , so the profit on the more expensive ones are huge , so much for the money game , now when you go buy a car today you need to know that the gas mileage  is the most important thing , because gas prices go up and down so often , now this being said , how come the cheapest cars get the best mileage ? they all cost the same to make and the best thing that you want in a new car is gas mileage , so you would think that they would charge you more for the better mileage , but they don't , the worst cars for mileage cost more and they sell more of them then the ones that get better mileage , so what car would sell more if you priced it according to its mileage the better the mileage the more it cost , i bet you would sell more gas efficient  cars , and this would be good for the environment , plus we would not use as much gas and this would lower gas prices , this trick to sell cars , would be awesome , you would get better mileage and and cheaper gas cool , enjoy 

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