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Saturday, March 1, 2014

the xl pipeline propaganda is a lie

felecia187 the truth about the advertising about the xl pipeline this is  called propaganda , now what this really means is that people with money are trying to convince you that this pipeline is great for the environment and for the over all population of Canada and the USA , and this is not the case because most people do not understand the truth about this bull , it will take 900,000 barrels of water a day to put this oil sand stuff through the line this in it self is a environment disaster how lakes that is right lakes will they have to drain dry up get rid of before they realize that the tar sands can only be viable with turning it into bio fuel no other technology can make this work again dumb dumb people in power , you know why these idiots are in power it is because these lairs can't hold a real job lol truth hurt good those who can't work run for office those that can run billion dollar companies lol oh just getting started lol enjoy

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